Diana Scarborough is an artist-engineer working cross-discipline, creatively and collaboratively.

    ‘Sounds of Space’, working with British Antarctic Survey (BAS), has received much interest in the art and science fields.

    Diana collaborates with researchers and scientists in other disciplines: biotechnology, nanoscience and textile Archaeology.


    Exploration and Innovation

    Working with space-weather scientist Nigel Meredith since 2014, Scarborough explored ways of visualising space weather data collected in Antarctica. This has evolved into a multi-disciplinary performance taking an audience from earth to beyond the galaxy using contemporary dance, live music, sounds and animation with scientific presentation. She collaborates with researchers and scientists in other disciplines: biotechnology, nanoscience and textile archaeology.

    Time To Stare


    Acuity Arts was part of the creative team joining Diana Scarborough at her Time to Stare residency in February 2019.

    B&R productions' first 'Time To Stare' bursary was awarded to Artist Engineer Diana Scarborough to develop her project Sounds Of Space into a more performative, multi-disciplinary experience for audiences, integrating and responding to scientific data collected by the British Antarctic Survey, initially for Blue Dot Festival 2019. Find out more about the bursary and Diana's project here.

  • Meet the Creative Collaborators

    Creative Exchanges

    Diana Scarborough


    Working cross-discipline, creatively and collaboratively, taking inspiration from scientific practice that embraces concepts of data, code, mutable materials, rekindled history, technology and environmental concerns and rephrases them from an art perspective.

    Dr. Ljiljana Fruk

    BioNano Engineering

    Research into synthetic chemistry, molecular biology and various instrumental techniques to design bio-nano elements and hybrid materials for application in catalysis and medicine.

    Nick Moran

    Lighting Designer

    Teaching contemporary theatre design and production practice and am a published author and a practising lighting designer, occasionally working in other areas of design for live performance.

    Nigel Meredith

    Space Weather research Scientist

    Research scientist in the Space Weather and Atmosphere team at BAS. Investigating fundamental problems in radiation belt physics with relevance to space weather hazards. Developing global plasma wave models, essential for the operation of radiation belt models in the UK, Europe and the US.

    Becky Byers

    Creative Dancer

    Dancer Byers provides a physical, bodily reaction, alongside the music and visual art. “I imagine each sound to be its own creature such as a small scuttling insect for the Antarctic ice, or a large bull-like powerhouse of energy for Saturn's radio emissions.”

    Dipak Mistry


    Exploring interdisciplinary practice and bringing together artists, academics, scientists, technologist, anthropologist, dancers, storytellers, even business people, whatever it takes for us to fully explore and push the boundaries of what we know and don’t know.

  • Photos & Videos

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Time To Stare

    Bursary Programme

    During the residency Diana was joined by a number of creative collaborators, all of whom embraced the opportunity to spend dedicated time exploring ideas and techniques and she is due to travel to Australia this year to create and outdoor work at Australian National University.

    In Other Wor(l)ds

    "Antarctica and Comet" by Kim Cunio
    which includes"Sounds" of a Comet - These are recordings of actual magnetic fluctuations captured by the Rosetta (ESA) Spacecraft and converted to audio frequencies.

    Antarctic Ice ​

    1 minute shorts, based on the animations, music and space data (as audio) inspired by the ‘Sounds of Space’ show. Part of a larger film installation exhibited at the Venice Biennale (8thMay – 4thJune 2019), as part of the ‘Alive in the Universe’ exhibition.

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